How it started

MRY is an international, collaborative collective founded by six women who came to together during the pandemic in 2020. Parts of our group have met in different contexts throughout the last couple of years - most of them not even in person. But anyway, meeting each other - and watching one another by doing their thing and just being great by being themselves - left an impression of wanting to do more together. 


We all have different backgrounds and experiences in various fields of work and we have one shared vision that is rooted deeply in the hearts of every single person in this project: the desire for an empowerment space for marginalized gender! 


Discussing this shared vision and getting more inspired and excited about it by the minute we decided to just get things moving and explore its potential and higher aims by GOING WITH THE FLOW OF JUST „DOING“ IT. We met online, exchanged our intentions and motivations and came down with the following aspects that we want MRY - an international collaboration- to offer to our members.

Who we are

Andrea (she/her) | GERMANY

I’m am scientist with a creative mind working in a museum trying to combine arts, science and tech. I always want to be everything but there is not enough time for that: so I love to hear interesting stories! With MRY, I hope to learn a lot from our members, exchange stories - the good and the bad ones, to inspire others and share my thoughts, learnings, my anger and experiences with others in this safe space we want to create for all of us. 


Archana (she/her) | INDIA

When people from different disciplines, cultures and practices meet - magic inevitably happens. I’m a big believer in the power of people coming together to shift the balance towards good. My strongest inspirations have been the women around me. Hidden gems really. Voices subdued and pushed aside by the sheer juggernaut of power and privilege. I believe that Mry will help me connect and hear from those hidden gems far away but close at heart and spirit. It’s been my absolute privilege and honor to find my ikigai at the cusp of art, technology and social change. Mry with Dara is at the very heart of this. 

Azam (she/her) | IRAN/BELGIUM

I’m a visual artist and digital storyteller. Floating between east and west, I know how valuable it is to encounter new ideas, cultures, perspectives, and in general new people with different approaches in life. 

I often feel I underestimate my power. Even when I’m doing big, I think well it’s only luck or accident. I want MRY to be a place where we feel at ease to share everything, from our stories of childhood to our biggest professional collaborations. A place to empower each other to be cool with every aspect of ourselves.

CJ aka Christine-Joahn (she/her) | GERMANY

As avowing “multipotentialite” I am always searching for kindred spirits, like-minded people, inspiring relationships and new ways to express myself. Working in and navigating through various fields at the intersection of art, culture, personal development (psychology/ philosophy/ coaching/ counselling) and education I meet the needs of my curious mind. 

I - as a woman - want to create this network as a safe space for collective empowerment and collaboration. I truly believe that every human being has its own potential and rare beauty that I want to see, support and learn from. I wish for us to learn and grow together, inspire one another and head for our dreams and visions - together we can be the change we want to see!



Natalie (she/her) | UK

As a scientist, I've been taught everything can (and probably should occasionally) be questioned, and you can often learn more from failure than success. We can only grow if we're curious and open to learn. That includes being challenged occasionally and then taking time to reflect rather than push any uncomfortable stuff away. Lovely MRYans, please share some of your inner and outer world, so we can all learn and grow together. A tsunami starts with the smallest tremor…

Our Values

MRY sees itself as a place where all members can exchange ideas. We address marginalized gender who work in the fields of art & culture, science & technology as well as personal development and health - or simply life. For us, the profession itself is not in the foreground. What is central for us is the openness to exchange, to learn from each other and, above all, to share experiences as the people who we are - with different demands, the expectations that society places on us and which are reflected differently in every culture.


It is important for us to define values for the common exchange that stand for how we want to shape this network.




MRY stands for the many faces of marginalized gender - as well as for the many stories of our members. This network is not only for us, it is for all members. We shape this network together. Our network stands for the sharing of all these stories and for collaboration between members. We want to create a protected space where our members feel safe, where they develop ideas and work together.




For us, accessibility means providing a platform for exchange for marginalized gender. We are against discrimination and exclusion. We strive to design our offers in such a way that they are accessible to all and to promote a dialogue that can take place at eye level. We respect the opinions of all members. However, we are against any form of racism, sexism, mysogyny, ableism and any other form of exclusion based on gender, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation.




We are open to every person who wants to participate in our network. As founding members, as cis women and WOC with and without disabilities, we try to choose a language where everyone feels addressed. We are open to hints and criticism because we know that we all make mistakes and are convinced that we can learn from them and from each other.




We are a network created by six cis women who want to learn from each other. And who have understood how important exchange is - between us, between cultures, between languages. It is therefore important for us to always communicate openly and transparently about how we work, how we discuss, how events are organised, who has access to the network and what financial resources are available.

The name MRY

Each name has a very individual meaning and derivation. So does the name of our network. We have deeply thought about a name that sums up the motivations of our gatherings. The result was first an idea, then a feeling, and finally a fountain of thoughts. 


It was the deepest point within ourselves that moved us to found this network, so we searched for the deepest point on earth - our common earth: It’s the Mariana Trench.


Based on a quick online search we found out more about the name "Mariana". In Aramaic language, Marianna can mean "the bodily / the beautiful / the bitter / the beloved of God." In Greek and Hebrew it stands for "the graceful one". And then we learnt that in Egyptian there is a similar word - mry - which means the "beloved”. So we decided to go with the name mry because it is deeper than just being beautiful or graceful, there is an edge to it.

You know more about the words "mry" or "mariana"? Please share your knowledge with us!