1st Meet & Match - COMIC

Artwork by Azam Mazoumzadeh a.k.a. zamzadeh

We were excited to get to meet the first two groups of our members on March 27th and 28th.

As a warm up we shared female figures that leave an impression on us and our lives - in the past or present. Some of them are artists, authors, mentors or even friends or colleagues that inspire or move us to the core.

We shared our thoughts on why these people are important to us. And even if the details as to how may have varied we all realized that in those figures we find a part of ourselves that identifies with or gets encouragead by the work and personality of these individuals.

Azam has captured a few of them to give an example.

The core element of our first get together was to get the chance to talk to each other in a safe environment. To get a feeling and idea of who else is part of this network and what they are looking for.

We used a platform called Glimpse to - literally - get a glimpse of each and every person in the group. Five to seven minutes we got to talk and connect. What fun that was!

To finally get to the common conclusion as to why we seek for a network like MRY.

Finally even some matches were made: new friendships, connections for collaboration or common interests. And last but not least the anticipation for spending more time together!

We are still working on the details of when, in which forms and frequences. What we already know is...

We're looking forward to our shared journey with YOU!

To make MRY all that it can be - together.


MRY team - CJ, Azam, Archana, Jenni, Andrea, Natalie (f.l.t.r.)

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