MRY is a work-in-progress Project

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

by Christine-Joahn Meier & Andrea Geipel


It's only been days since we launched this network and it still feels surreal. On International Women’s Day we not only went live with our website and posted on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. We also sent a message to a group of potential members. In this first mail we asked them to fill out a questionnaire to learn more about them and what they invision for such a network. In addition, we had discussions with people who have reacted to our social media posts, people who are considering joining and who showed interest in our ideas behind this network. We are happy that so many of you have already reached out to us.

Logo of MRY with a half blue circle on the bottom and a figure dancing on top of it.
© Azam Masoumzadeh

First of all, we started far from perfect. But let's be honest: perfect is also kind of boring. We still have problems with our email address, we wanted to have much more content on the website before the kickoff, and we are not yet as clear in our texts as we wanted to be. But hey, we learn, we grow, from each other and from our members, in all the conversations around MRY.

As briefly described elsewhere, we met last year - many of us have never met in person. We learned from each other in workshops, got into conversation and realised how much we have in common. We all deal with questions like how we want to work, how our upbringing was, our social conditioning influences us, whether we want children or not, what influence it has, how we live and love or the way we work, how we can reconcile freedom and career - and many more. And we noticed how good this kind of exchange can feel: initiating new projects, reflecting together on shared values and goals without ignoring our private, social and political perspectives.

We automatically created a safe space for ourselves. A space where we can talk freely about the effects of our gender and the way it is perceived on our lives and our work. So we wanted to create such a space not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

A white butterfly sitting on a violet flower in front of a deep blue sky.
© Andrea Geipel

We met online for the first time at the end of 2020 and collected ideas. From there everything started rolling first slowly and then very quickly. Because we all work on our own projects and day jobs during the week, we set a weekly meeting for Saturday morning. Sometimes these meetings are very efficient and productive, sometimes we take our time to just talk - exchange ideas and get to know each other better. For us these weekly meetings are our source of engery and creativity. With this we started our journey, taking one step at a time. With every new member our fellowship grows. We might not know now where this process will lead us and how MRY will look like in one year from now - but we invite you to join us on this journey.

To tread paths together also means to first get to know each other and to find out where we are going - and that is exactly the phase we are in right now. We are currently thinking about how exactly we will shape MRYs future path with our members and how we will develop formats that are as participatory as possible. We are also full of anticipation as you might be but we give ourselves enough time to figure out where we want to go.

MRY is a work-in-progress project. Which means we care more about the process instead of the outcome. MRY is evolving, at its own pace and we are humbled to be a part of it and to make our contribution.

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